Ever since the beginning of the photograph, people have had the desire to show their pictures to others. First it was the wallet size prints, then the Ziploc bag filled with 4×6″ prints that the grandparents take with them on vacation, now we have mobile devices – but let’s face facts – a screen doesn’t compare to a printed photo. It’s time for an improvement. Let me introduce you to the 5×7.5” Print Book.
Print Book
At kulapix.com you can create your own Print Book featuring 24 to 200 of your favorite photos. They are professionally bound and printed on High Quality paper.
Print Book
It’s the perfect size – small enough to fit in your bag, yet large enough to enjoy full size photos! You won’t have to worry about organizing or storing loose prints anymore. It’s so easy to carry your memories around with you.
Print Book
Loose prints were great at one time, but think of how many photos we have all lost. Somewhere in everyone’s house are messy boxes, with empty albums and scattered prints. Eliminate the hassle and mess of searching through your memories. Print Books will keep your photos organized and take up less space than those bulky albums.

Let’s get organized and get started on our Print Book!

Watch how easy it is:

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