Are you looking to add a personal touch to your favourite space? Whether it be your home, the office or even a locker – a Collage Print is the perfect solution!

At Kulapix.com you can create a Collage Print using your favourite photos and we guarantee it will match the look of any space! How could we be so sure? Simple, you are creating it! There are so many themes all of which are fully customizable or you can even begin from scratch and design your own. There are hundreds of backgrounds, borders and art to choose from – making it fun and easy to get the look you want. Make it even more personal by adding text, available in many different styles.

Not only will it match the look of your space, but you can get the perfect fit too! Sizes ranges from 8×12″ up to 24×36″, all available in landscape or portrait and can hold up to 20 of your favourite photos. Let’s take a look at how much they bring to a space.

Kulapix Collage in Work OfficeUnfortunately for the most of us, the colour of our office walls can be very dull and boring. You can add some life to it by printing out your photos, but before you know it you have 30 frames crammed on your desk and it becomes difficult to even get to the stapler! Turn all of that clutter into one Collage Print and enjoy your photos, don’t bury them in paperwork.

Kulapix Collage in School Locker

As a student, we all know that once a locker is assigned to us, the first thing that goes through our minds is “How am I going to decorate it?” Speaking from experience, taping up 50 photos may be fun and look great… but once that tape wears out you may find yourself trying to pick up 50 photos scattered in the hall, while holding onto your books and rushing not to miss your bus – one Collage Print makes your life so much easier without sacrificing your creative skills!

Kulapix Collage framed at HomeFinally, add the finishing touch to any room of the house! A home is where families make their memories and grow throughout the years. Celebrate those moments by making them part of your decor! A simple frame around a Collage Print, will add elegance to your work and look great up on the wall.

You can create yours to accent the colours of a room, bring interest to an empty wall, but most importantly bring a smile to those who will enjoy it!

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