Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend! One of my favorite things to do is spend time with the whole family! We have a nice big lunch, all of the cousins get together and play outside – it’s a lot of fun! After the weekend is over we like to go through the pictures we took. But what do you do when there’s so many great photos? We’ve got the perfect solution: Collage Prints.
Easter Memories Collage Print
Head over to, then click the Prints Plus tab and select Collage Prints. Select from 8×12” to 24×26” portrait or landscape. Then you are brought to the theme selection page. There are so many themes to choose from ready to print or be modified by you. You can even start from scratch and choose from hundreds of backgrounds, borders and art to design your own!
Easter Memories Collage Print
When building your project, you can click the Layouts tab from the bottom menu and drag and drop different layouts onto your art board. Underneath the thumbnails, it shows you how many photos are used in that specific layout. The layouts created use up to 20 photos, but feel free to drag and drop photos to add more! By the way in case you already added text or made design changes, they will all be replaced when you drag on a new layout – so it’s a good idea to look through the layout first and customize once you’ve chosen one!
Easter Memories Collage Print
Once you’re done, save and preview your project. From here you can add to cart and also share with your family and friends! Click “Share” at the top of the page to add the project to “My Shared Projects”, then choose to share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.
Easter Memories Collage Print
Our Collage Prints are printed on High Quality paper and look great in a frame or even just up on the wall or fridge! So don’t choose between your memories, remember them all – and get started on your Collage Print!

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