The weather is finally looking up… It’s a beautiful opportunity to grab our cameras and capture the wonderful colors around us. Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love the shapes, colors, textures and how each flower is truly unique! There’s a few tips I like to follow when I take these shots and I’d like to share them with you.

Yellow FlowerWith any subject matter, I always imagine a grid that resembles a Tic-Tac-Toe board – better known as the Rule of Thirds. I line up my focal point with areas on the grid that intersect. It’s a great tool that I find adds interest to any subject. The photo becomes much more engaging when the focal point is not centred.

Red FlowerBy only focusing on the foreground, your background becomes more distant. This draws attention to your subject. Also by having a darker background with a bright subject, it increases the contrast of your photo!

TulipsIn a field of flowers you may find it difficult to pick a focal point. I look for what stands out the most, in this shot there were tons of red and yellow flowers. I found the one pink tulip that stood alone and chose that as my main subject and the other flowers behind it became its environment.

Little Purple FlowersBring movement to your photo by having dynamic angles. These petals are drastically curving out, appearing as if it is opening up. By placing the main areas on a diagonal, your eyes move with the flowers from the top left all the way to the bottom right.

Group of Yellow FlowersChange up your perspective, we are always the bigger ones looking down, but what about if a tiny insect were the one taking the picture. Get really low and aim your lens up towards your subject. This change of perspective drastically changes the look and feel of the photo and subject matter.

Pink Flowers in TreeBranches are beautiful for a repeating background pattern, just make sure it’s not too busy that you lose the focus on the main subject.

Top of Purple FlowerAnother great perspective is directly above. Angle your lens to be parallel with the top of your subject and it really brings out symmetry and natural shapes.

Orange and Yellow FlowerAnd finally just be creative. Close-ups are perfect for interesting patterns and textures. It really brings out the beauty and help you appreciate each detail that we would normally miss.

Now get out your camera and get snapping!

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