Gigantic chocolate bunnies are great. Hunting for hidden eggs around the house is even better. This Easter season why not change it up a bit – spend some fun, quality time with the whole family creating yourselves as Eggheads! It’s a fun and simple Easter craft that will have you laughing for years to come!

Eggs on Flower Pot Holders

Here’s what you will need:

This activity let’s your young ones get very creative, so to not hold any of that creative energy back worrying about breaking real eggs, I chose to use eggs made out of clay. Other great materials are wood or plastic. These can all be found in any craft store, dollar store or craft section of your local department store.

Next you will need a holder for your Eggheads! You could use a number of items such as paper or plastic cups, egg carton cutouts, create a base using clay or mini flower pots – as I have chosen to use!


These are the materials I have chosen to use to decorate the Eggheads!

  • Paint and Paintbrushes
    (I have chosen Acrylic paint, as it dries pretty quickly and is easy to wash off the little ones)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric Paint
    (Great for 3D effects, because it dries bubbled up!)
  • Felt and Scrap Material
  • Gems
  • And really any old broken items you can find laying around the house. I grabbed some little flowers from a broken figurine, pieces of broken necklaces and buttons!

Painting the Egg

Let’s paint the eggs! I gave each egg 2 coats of paint and placed them on the flower pot stands and let them dry to avoid any paint rubbing off if placed on their side. The amount of coats needed will vary depending on how thick the paint is.

Once the paint has dried, the decorating can begin!

Drawing Eyelashes Googly Eyes

To stick the decorations onto the eggs you can use White Glue or as I chose to use a Hot Glue Gun (I find it dries much quicker to the surface). If you choose to use a Hot Glue Gun, be sure to watch out for the little ones. A good idea is to get the smaller Hot Glue Guns (as they tend to not get as hot), and have the kids wear gloves while using the glue. Now there really is no order here, it’s wherever your creativity takes you first! I have used Googly Eyes and drawn on facial features with marker.

Bending the Pipe CleanerGlasses

I used pipe cleaners to create the glasses. They are very easy to bend and twist into any desired shape. To stick them onto the egg, I placed one drop of glue in between the eyes and one on each side of the egg (where the ears are).

Gem EarringPearl Jewelry

For jewelry I cut apart pieces of a broken necklace and gems from a nail decorating kit. I drew on the ears and glued them in place.

Ribbon Hair

For longer locks of hair, ribbon works really well! A nice tip to glue down more strands at once is to grab a few, overlap them at one end and staple them together. That way you can glue on little bunches to avoid having too much glue pile up. For curlier hair, you can easily curl the ribbon by opening a pair of scissors and gliding the blade across the ribbon – again be sure to help the little ones out here!

Pipe Cleaner Hair

For shorter hair, pipe cleaners will do the trick! Cut it up to a desired length and fold them into little “V” shapes. Place drops of glue on the egg and add the little pipe cleaners to build up the hair.

Painting Flower Pot

Once all of the Eggheads are done, get started on the holder. You can decorate the holders any way you wish. You can simply create patterns you like, paint them a nice color, write the names of the Egghead on them and so on. I have chosen to decorate them to look like shirts!

First I painted the flower pots with a main color I would be using for the shirts. About 2-3 coats are usually needed. Then allow them to completely dry.

Flower Pot Holder

Now the decorating begins again – the possibilities here are endless! I used pieces of felt and scrap material to create accessories for the shirts. You can add buttons and gems for detail. For finer detail, I used a marker to draw them on. I used broken strands of beads to create necklaces. You can add glitter, flowers and anything else your Egghead would like to wear!

KulaKREW Eggheads

Once the glue has dried, place your Eggheads on their stands and they’re ready for their family portrait! They now make a great addition to your gift basket, Easter mantle or for all year-round laughs!

KulaKREW EggheadsKulaKREW Eggheads

Don’t forget to have your camera ready to capture each moment of the creative process! Share and do more with your photos at kulapix.com!

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