Instagram is growing more and more popular each day. With all of the cool effects and filters, what once was a simple snapshot can turn out to be a very creative photo. It would be such a shame to only see these photos when in the app… At you can now Upload photos right from your Instagram account! There are so many NEW ways for you to enjoy your Instagram pix.

It is so quick and easy to upload your photos, and no connection to your mobile device is needed! When you click the GET MORE PHOTOS button there is now an Instagram icon beside the existing options including Facebook and your computer. Simply click on the Instagram icon, it will prompt you to login to Instagram and then select the photos you wish to use from your account – it’s that easy!

Instagram Kulapix PhotobookWe have also added a new theme, specially designed for your Instagram pix. It is called BE SQUARE and you can find it in the General > Collage category. Here’s a few ways you can get creative with your pix…

Photobooks make great portfolios or even a fun keepsake. Available square or rectangular format, with so many great cover options and different sizes available! Use up to 250 of your photos.

Instagram Kulapix Canvas Print

Make your photos part of your home decor, with Canvas Prints available in portrait or landscape. Use up to 20 of your photos.

Instagram Kulapix Mugs

Remember the great moments every time you take a sip! Mugs are available in 11oz. 15oz. and 20oz. Use up to 7 of your photos.

Instagram Kulapix Collage Print

We all love putting up posters on walls, doors and lockers… what better than a Poster Collage Print of your photos! Available as big as 24×36″ and you can use up to 20 of your photos.

Get creative and do more with your Instagram pix – not just from your screen!


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