Trick or Treat – how about a few new tips for an extra creative Halloween? Whether you are throwing a party or just looking for some Halloween themed decor ideas, Kulapix is here to help. We’ve got a few solutions that are so simple – it’s spooky!

Hanging PhotosThis great look will add that historic, creepy vibe to your home and it is so simple to achieve! You will need a rope or string – we recommend traditional rope, with loose fibres to enhance the aged look. Wooden clothes pins work perfectly as they are secure clips and keep the rustic look. Lastly you will need your photos, and that’s where we come in. Upload and Print your photos at There is a large variety of sizes to choose from, 4×6″ up to 24×36″. Here’s a neat trick: in the Kulapix builder there are tools that you can use to adjust your photos. By adjusting the Brightness and Contrast sliders you can dull down the colour, setting a different mood for the photo. Also, for the ultimate antique look, use the Sepia filter seen above. Once your Prints are complete, simply hang them along the rope in different areas of the house and you will be walking through a spooky timeline of memories.

Spooky Halloween FramesIf you are going for the look of a Haunted Mansion, then this is the one for you. You could use as many frames as you wish and arrange them however you like. Old picture frames work really well, and don’t worry about having them match – the truth is the more variety the better it looks! You can Print your Photos to fit all of the frame sizes and you are ready to go. A fun idea is to capture spooky moments in your Halloween costume, and add to it year after year!

Fun and Creepy CoupleSometimes the element of surprise can be quite scary on its own. Here’s a fun look that at first glance seems completely normal, until you are startled by the photo inside! This can be achieved by a simple switch-up. Have fun with your poses and Print your creepy photos to place inside existing frames in the house. Since it is a familiar object in the house, it is a shock once you take a second look!

So there you have it, get creative with your Halloween decorations this year – without scaring your wallet! From all of us in the KulaKrew have a very Happy and Safe Halloween!



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