Over the years every parent will lose less and less storage space. Sure it is filled with new toys, clothes and shoes – but at some point those all get thrown away. What happens when the items filling the space are filled with sentimental value? Now what used to be where you kept your jackets, is now filled with boxes of paintings, mother’s day macaroni art, father’s day paper ties and the very first scribbled circle that is a family portrait.

Pile of Boxes of Kids ArtworkThese are all important memories and keepsakes that no parent wants to throw away, but truth be told who’s even looking at them? They are all buried in piles, shoved in a corners because now they are just in the way. We have the perfect solution, at create your custom Photobook filled with your children’s artwork. Not only will it save you space, but actually allow you to enjoy each masterpiece without hiding it away.

Kids Artwork on Wooden FloorFirst things first, dig up the boxes! Now we have to get the artwork onto your computer, then you can upload them into an Album in your account. For this you can scan the artwork or as I have done just simply take photos. I chose to do it this way for two reasons. A lot of the artwork was done on paper that didn’t fit into my scanner and also some of the crafts has glitter, buttons and other 3D items glued on – so just snapping a photo is the best option! To get the same effect as a scan ensure your camera is parallel with the artwork. I placed the artwork on the floor and stood over it to get the best angle! Don’t worry if you get the floor or desk in the photo, when building you book you can adjust the image and frames to crop out anything you wish!

Custom Photobook Kids ArtworkOnce you have the photos on your computer, log in to your Kulapix account, go to My Albums at the top of the page and upload your photos into a new album. You can store your photos here and always use them to create any of our products! Once the upload is complete, go to the Photobook page. Here you can choose what type of Photobook you would like to create. Choose between Standard or Lay Flat. The difference between a Lay Flat and a Standard Photobook is that a Lay Flat is specially designed to have no seams in the middle – perfect for full photo layouts!

Once you select the type of book you can choose a theme. All of our themes are fully customizable by you and you can even change your mind once in the builder. I wanted my Photobook to be just about the artwork, so I chose Design Your Own and made each photo take up a full page.

Once your Photobook is done, you are ready to Save and Add to Cart! You can also Share your project with family and friends as I have shared mine with you, check it out:

In no time you will be able to flip through the memories you once had buried away and free up some living space as well!

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