“Snow is just so beautiful…” While that may be true for the first little bit, personally once outside turns to nothing but salt and slush – I’m really missing the heat! It would be great to have some money put aside for an impromptu vacation, which got me thinking of a fun way to save up.

Tip cups are used at restaurants, salons and many of us have one at the office for emergency coffee money – why not do the same for a larger ambition! Let’s make some creative improvements to the traditional cup to help us remember our goal…

California and Hawaii Photo Mugs

Create your fully customizable Mug at Kulapix! You can choose between 11oz., 15oz. or even a nice and big 20oz. Mug. There are over one hundred themes to choose from including a wide selection of European and Tropical Travel. Within each theme you can select from multiple layouts,   add up to 7 of your favourite photos, add text and literally customize all elements or even design from scratch.

Paris and Italy Photo Mugs

This is a fun and creative way that will get you excited to start saving up, a dollar here and there over time can really add up. Now, get started and create your own – we could all use a vacation!


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